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Clean Out

As I cleaned out one of our many closets, that could lead me to a new reality show called “Closets Hoarders”, I was amazed at the accumulation of stuff.    I pride myself on an organized home with overstuffed closets.  Therefore, you get the illusion of...

Moving Home

Tomorrow starts a new chapter for my mother.    She is moving back to my childhood home after being in her assisted living apartment for six months.   Her decision stems from not wanting to be in the space that she shared with my “bonus” dad.  Too many...


The day after my “bonus” dad’s funeral service, I am feeling like a large truck has hit me.  It is inevitable, of course, that after all is said and done, the emotional and physical pain manifests.     His family has left, his things have been...

Winter’s Fury

I need to have a sense of humor when things are completely out of order. Today, we have visitation for my “bonus” dad and mother nature is apparently angry. Gusty winds, blowing snow, and dropping temperatures don’t make for a comfortable burial. It...

The Wheel

There is a hamster wheel on my head.  It is spinning so fast, I think the hamster fell off.  When there is upheaval going on in my life, I find that my brain is overactive while my body can barely function.    With my “bonus” dad dying and my mother moving...