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Perfectly Imperfect

I do imperfection very well.   Maybe being human contributes to that ability to be imperfect.   With that being said, I don’t find it being a shortcoming.  This morning I sprang out of bed, hair sticking up everywhere and promptly tripping over the cat bleary...


How quickly time passes where I assume the role as “parent” to my mother.   At the age of 82 and widowed twice in eight years, she has aged at a rapid pace.   Physically healthy, she is plagued by depression which steals her feelings of being competent.  ...

Good Morning!

I have to admit that I am a morning person.  Yes, I am the annoying one with a big, fat smile on my face eager to greet the day.  It has been one of those freak happenings where I can rise before the alarm even goes off and function without immediate caffeine...

Children Left Behind

I refrain most days from getting on my soap box, but there has been a spark in my dwindling flame.   After 18 years of being a staunch advocate for Bailey, I am exhausted.   However, a spunky, spirited person has entered my life and raised the question why isn’t...


I can honestly say that my forties have served me with happiness and tremendous peace.   My journey has been a series of twists and turns along with several gaps that swallowed me whole.   I bounced back with the resolve of doing it different, but falling back into...