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Let’s be real. We have all done it.  You know, the misdirected anger that comes out at the people that don’t deserve it.  It has been referred to as sideways anger.   I can identify with this as lately, I have been inflicting this on all the people around...

Aging Process

Yes, I know.  No one really wants to talk about aging, but as I used the pound of concealer to cover up the crevasses on my face, I figured it might be a good topic to approach.   At the tender age of 47, I am feeling the arthritis set in, tired by 9, and really okay...

Other Plans

There are those among you that are gearing up to send your newly graduated seniors off to college.   Lots of preparation, lists, and feelings go along with the transition.   While I always knew Bailey would not go to a traditional college, I wasn’t prepared for...

What To Expect When You Least Expect It

Let’s chat about expectations.   My oldest son, Bailey, as I have written about in past blogs, has Down Syndrome.   He recently started attending his vocational school as apart of his training for job placement.   Bailey has been eager, to say the least, to jump...

Behind the Scenes

I have learned that what people say behind my back is none of my business.  That struck me as very odd when I first heard that, as they are talking about ME, so, of course, it is my business.    This morning, I started off with finding out information that was said...