Square Peg ● Round Hole








I was intrigued when I saw an entry addressing typical siblings of special needs kids. It sent a message that I strive to express to my youngest, Bryce. As a parent, there is no way we can keep it even or remotely fair, but we try….hard. In the situation with a...

Helping Hand

It took me years to understand that I didn’t have to do anything alone. Reaching out for help made me feel weak and incapable. So, I plowed through every situation without a lot of grace or dignity, but I got it done…..myself. If I did ask for help, then I...

Accept, Embrace, and Evolve

As the school year approaches, there is the usual hustle and bustle. Parents are securing college items and Target looks picked over. I should be preparing Bailey for college. This would be the time that we would have lists to follow, arguments to ensue, and tears to...


Somewhere between, “I don’t have time” and “I’ll do that when the kids are older”, is a blur. The kids are now older and while I don’t have a ton of time, I am more flexible than I was when they were younger. There is an...

Life’s GPS

While I was driving to an appointment, I had put the address in my phone’s GPS. Driving along, it told me to take a right. As the car maneuvered down a gravel road, it occurred to me that this path may not be the right one. With nothing but trees surrounding me,...