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Cleanse Timeout

I woke up this morning feeling foggy.   Eyes throbbing, nose congested, and sounding like a bad imitation of sad bull frog.  It appears that I was grabbed in the middle of the night by a dreaded cold.   Not sure if you one would agree with me, but when I am sick,...

Tips for the Cleanse

Like any diet, a plan is a must.  With my emotional cleanse, I do an inventory of my day to recount any missteps that have been taken.  This is not a way to berate myself, but rather to keep me accountable.     Just like any bad habit that one is trying to break,...

Fantasy Land

I had the most amazing internship college working for Walt Disney World.  Picked from hundreds of college kids, I ventured to spend a semester working in the happiest place on earth.  Looks can be deceiving.   As I settled in to this magical environment, I became...

The Cleanse

We hear all about the trendy cleanse to rid our bodies of unwanted toxicity.   But, what about the emotional cleanse to rid our soul and heart of those feelings that clog up our well-being?    I have decided that I am on a quest to do an emotional cleanse.  It was...