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Holiday Disorder

I am at a loss of words.  Once we approach Halloween, I get confused and have to look at my calendar to remind me the time of year again.  Oh, wait, it’s Halloween, right?  Or wait, Christmas?  Then, I think what happened to Thanksgiving.   Sometimes the world...


Yes, you probably think by reading the title of this blog, that I have lost my mind.  Wait….there’s more.   I am merely making up a new word.  “Waction” is a combination of word and action.   You see, my whole issue is the troublesome...

The Power of Gratitude

Living grateful is the essence of a tranquil existence. Every morning I wake up with a feeling of gratitude.  Waking up, in my opinion, is something to be thankful for and to never take for granted.  In fact, I spend the majority of my day in a mode of thankfulness....


After much anxiety, I survived my weekend with my mother.  Like anything else, the thoughts in my head can create a chaotic scene overrun with unrealistic situations.   So, while there were some obstacles, I was able to use many tools to overcome the panic that...

Just Breathe……..

So, as I am packing to leave for a weekend excursion to the beach and I am panic stricken.  You probably don’t feel sorry for me, but there is more.  My husband and I are taking my mother with us to a birthday party for someone very special to us.   I have...