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Everyday is Thanksgiving

Aside from the large amounts of food, everyday, for me is Thanksgiving.  It is one of my practices to acknowledge my gratitude on a daily basis.   Gratitude, much like happiness, is an inside job.  With as fast as life proceeds, it is easy to fall into a pattern of...

Mommy Timeout

I don’t get sick………ever…..until a few days ago.   I pride myself on an immune system comprised of steel that is protected by a strong will to avoid illness.    I was doing great until Friday night when my throat felt like I had swallowed...

The Realist Survival for the Holidays

The holiday brings about a touch of anxiety along with a good case of stress for many people.  Since I have simplified our holidays to create a more zen vibe, I want to share my secrets.  Before and when our kids were little, we catered to EVERYONE else.  By this I...


As I look outside, trees are covered in snow while leaves still linger.   I love the four seasons and the transition in nature. Watching flowers bloom and gardens grow only to be whisked into a lullaby of falling leaves and cooler nights.   Anymore, my observations...

Powerful Words

I was reminded yesterday of the three most powerful words in the English language.   It isn’t “I love you”, but it is something that constitutes a form of self love.   It is …….I am enough.  Are we a society relying on affirmation?  Do we...