Square Peg ● Round Hole








So, another year is about to make an exit, while another year is on the doorstep.   I listen with amusement at all the people talking about how 2015 will be different because of their new resolutions.   Resolutions are unrealistic expectations.  It is a formula for...

The Hens

I can remember my Dad calling my Mom’s bridge group “the hens” because of their uncanny ability to have multiple conversations while talking at very high decibels.  I laughed at his notion.   When my mother hosted, I was fascinated by these...

Being the Best

Finding my truth, is simply being the best person that I can be.   Everyday, it looks different.  Sometimes my best is simply completing a simple task, while other times, it is accomplishing something grander.   I love the essence of curiosity that life offers me.  ...

Alone Time

I have sent my family off for their annual Christmas trip to Florida.  For the last three years, I have taken a “time out” to rejuvenate my spirit and provide myself with a little alone time. While I miss the activity in the house and the interaction with...

The Disclaimer

I close the year with no regrets.   Everything I tried, learned, or experienced, comes with a disclaimer.   The disclaimer states, “Simply take a leap of faith.  The only risk is that you allow fear to stand in your way.”  So, I take a chance.   If I...