Square Peg ● Round Hole







Do Not Enter

Those with boys will certainly commiserate with this blog entry.   Recently, we reinvented our lower level complete with new furniture, fresh paint, and a desperately needed floor cleaning.    My vision was to create a more grown up vibe with durable yet stylish...


If I were a doctor, I would diagnose myself with “social media whiplash”.   The symptoms are pain in the eyes, neck and head region, confusion, irritability, and a concern that people don’t know how to spell properly let alone have a decent...

The Elimination

This week has been full of activity which has taken me away from writing my daily blog.  Never fear, I have 15 minutes to write this before I am off again and I wanted to end the week on a positive note.    Recently, I have written a lot about emotionally cleansing...

The Open Mouth

I believe in honesty.  I believe in order to have fulfilling relationships, truth must be your foundation.  Sometimes, I take things a little too far.    Sometimes, I confuse honesty with oversharing.   While I have made numerous changes in many of my relationships, I...

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The title of this blog causes me to pause.  Simply because I think it is funny to imagine what is really going on behind the scenes.    Warm and loving can be the appearance, but one never knows if those images reflect the truth of the situation.   Take our family...