Square Peg ● Round Hole







The Wall

We have all been there.   Individuals who seem to build a fort around themselves.  It is a “come here, go away” dilemma. Well, I will tell you this forty-eight year old woman is too old for that play.   You see, you either want to have a relationship or...

One Last Visit

Truly, some of the only times I seem to be able to catch up with those I don’t normally see is at a funeral.  Collectively gathered because of one person.  You hear the common phrases, “we need to get together” or “I only get to see you at...

The Tough Choice

For the last couple of weeks, we have been providing palliative care for our fourteen year old black lab named Hallee.   It is an emotional roller coaster coupled with uncertainty.   The good days are slowly being outnumbered by bad days, so the question is hanging...

Standing on the Sidelines

As football season begins, I am spending a lot of time standing on the sidelines.  Watching Bryce run around as the trainer, allows me to not only be proud of the hard worker that he is, but the respectful nature that he goes about doing his job.   As he grows older,...