Square Peg ● Round Hole







The Good Fight

Yesterday, I attended Bailey’s very last, IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting.   Since he was five, I would attend them on heightened alert since the majority of the time the educators were not following the plan that we had in place.   Exhausted and...

A Funny Thing Happened…..

As if trying to get ready to leave the country isn’t taking up enough of my brain, we realized there was a plumbing issue with the downstairs bathroom.  Some may refer to it as the “crock”, but my hubby fondly calls it the “poop grinder”....

Swiss Cheese Syndrome

As humans, we are all flawed.   Comparing our imperfect stature to a wedge of Swiss cheese is appropriate as we are all full of holes.    Perfection isn’t reality.  We are all going to make blunders.   My job is to be able to forgive others mistakes and more...

What Are You Waiting For?

There are several of my friends getting ready to have a “big” birthday.  I put quotations around big because I personally believe all birthdays are big as it is a solid indicator of me still breathing.    However, I will not discredit the amount of anxiety...

Waiting For My Turn

Maybe it is the smell of fifty approaching or that my kids are growing older and more independent, but I am realizing that life is pointing its finger at me.    Keep in mind about a week or so ago, I felt life was giving me the finger, but now I am realizing that it...