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Everywhere I turn, there seems to be someone entering a battle of some kind.  There are those fighting mental illness, cancer, addiction, and the list continues.  Some fight in silence.  Others rally the troops in hopes that gaining support will alleviate the pain.  ...

The Best Version

I have been asked to be a speaker for an upcoming event.   The premise is to share my story on my experience of raising a special needs child.   Interestingly enough, it is harder to put in words than originally anticipated.   There are some many components and...

The Gentle Observer

Watching people is a favorite pastime.  It is interesting to observe their behaviors, speculating on their lives, and more importantly, ponder at their journey.   However, it takes a different turn when an actual interaction occurs.  I have always considered myself a...

Back In The Saddle

To say that I have missed writing my blog would be an understatement, but the last eleven days spent exploring another country has been priceless.   I had a lot of fear prior to leaving for Italy.   A novice at traveling abroad, I was drowning in the unknown.  The...

Ciao…….Until I Blog Again

Last minute packing and the wheels turning in my head make for an interesting last few hours on American soil. I am continually asked if I am excited and the answer would be no, at least not yet.  Now, I will be, but not until I actually land in Venice.   That is...