Square Peg ● Round Hole







Her Turn

By Allison Jones

Addie Snyder’s first novel is becoming an overnight sensation. Unprepared for being thrusted in the limelight,  she is desperate to shelter her brother, Owen, who has Down syndrome.  After the abandonment of her father when Owen was a baby, she is his sole guardian since her mother has passed away.  She must protect him from the harsh world, but how can she with public events coming up? An unlikely ally in her journey is Jameson Ford her emotionless publicist.   As a former Navy Seal, Jameson has his own demons but there is something about Addie that defrosts his icy walls and together they navigate the twists and turns as her book becomes a world-wide phenomenon.

 Her life becomes more complicated with the reappearance of her long-lost father threatening to take Owen from her, along with distance relatives trying to hoard in on Addie’s success.  But, through the drama, Addie maintains her humor while popping chocolate kisses as if they were Xanax and seeking solace behind her computer creating stories that fill her soul.      Even though all of her dreams are coming true, no one can prepare her what lies ahead.  It’s true when they say, be careful what you wish for.

Book Snippet

“Addie, I can practically hear you thinking through the phone. Stop. This is going to be fine. You’ll see. Allow yourself to enjoy this. I will be with you the whole way, both professionally and as your friend.” She has the most amazing way of grounding me.

“Alright. I will calm my inner thoughts.” I laugh. Honestly, my thoughts are like squirrels at a rave.

“Oh, and for the meeting, wear something other than your typical attire.” She has now switched to “professional” Nina.

“What’s wrong with my attire?” I ask, even though I know the answer.

“Addie, business attire should not scream I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-don’t-give-a-shit.”

“Ugh, okay,” I say with less enthusiasm.

“If you need me to come over and help you pick out something, I can,” Nina quips, but I know she’s serious.

“No, I can dress myself,” I state. She laughs.