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Allison Jones

blogger · author · mom · wife

Hey, there! I am so excited you are here. Let me just say, if you love authentic, humorous writing sprinkled with a dose of sass, you have come to the right place. I adore the ability to be relatable to my readers with my daily blunders because life is messy, right?

Oh, and I do cuss a little. Okay, I cuss a lot. Besides my blog, “Square Peg, Round Hole”, I like to dive into the world of my fictitious characters who thrive on nagging me until their story is told. Sometimes they give me the silent treatment too, which makes me insane. They can be moody.

I’m going to tell you a little secret. My guilty pleasure is reading romantic comedies. Honestly, it is a problem, but I use my addiction as “research” for my books. I put research in quotes because I am completely sure that my testosterone—filled home doesn’t believe that is why I read so much. It’s totally cool. They don’t need to understand my motivation.