Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I cleaned out one of our many closets, that could lead me to a new reality show called “Closets Hoarders”, I was amazed at the accumulation of stuff.    I pride myself on an organized home with overstuffed closets.  Therefore, you get the illusion of the organization, but open my closets and you might be injured with an avalanche.   The same holds true with my emotions.   Unless, I do a periodic clean out, I am left with resentments and regrets.

Journaling and meditation have been a source for me to rid myself of old emotional “stuff” that I no longer need to hold on to.   It is a ritualistic cleansing of the toxic emotions that tend to rob me of my serenity.  Sometimes holding on to the old feelings is comfortable and familiar, but it can start to accumulate and not allow room for all the good feelings that provide me with joy and happiness.  Just as get ready to donate the sweaters from the 80s my husband has collected, so goes my emotional baggage.  After all, sometimes my emotions are in a time warp just like my husband’s sweaters.