Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am four days into my hostage situation. If I were rating this experience on Yelp, I would give it a solid four star rating. The care has been excellent and I have been able to entertain myself pretty adequately. Yesterday, I took a poll on Facebook to see how many people thought the dressing on my foot made it look fat. I downloaded an air horn app much to the annoyance of my spouse and took a shower without help. Today, I am soaking up the quiet as I sip my coffee that I made myself. Don’t worry. I put it in a travel container and put it in my basket of my cute scooter. No spills and I am pretty pleased with my independence.

You know what hasn’t changed? People and their lousy attitudes. I thought that by taking a bit of a hiatus, there might be a reprieve, but sadly no. Between plucking my chin hairs and figuring out creative ways to entertain myself, I opted to unfollow/take a break/get rid of some annoying mugs of close to 100 people. It was exhilarating. Good God, I feel sorry for the children that these people are raising. And, honestly, by how they are representing themselves on social media, I would think twice about using them professionally. I felt accomplished. It was invigorating. By November, I will probably get rid of most of my “friends” as they have become more nuisances than anything else.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a pain pill to take away how uncomfortable we all are. Frankly, it was nice to be under anesthesia for a while just to escape. But, it does make me laugh anytime I am on my scooter because I swear I hear the song from The Wizard of Oz where Miss Glitch aka the Witch is riding her bike. See, it’s the little things that amuse me.