Square Peg ● Round Hole







The word of my life is graceful. The intent of doing something with ease and finesse. I just made myself laugh because neither of these words describe me, but I would like to convey that I am striving just to exist without causing harm to myself or others. There is a stubborn little girl that resides within me that fights against the current. I am learning to simply let go.

Growing older is a tedious process, but one I am grateful to experience. My secret is to pretend it isn’t happening. Kidding. Here is something to ponder. If you could choose any age to be, which one would you choose? I love the age I am right now. I have grown, stumbled, celebrated, grieved, but most of all, I have lived a really amazing life. This is the stage that I feel invites reflection. Not in an effort to reside in the past because, trust me, carrying all that baggage is heavy. It is more of a glance at my experiences that have shaped my life.

Last week, I went for my physical. It has been a long two years trying to stabilize my blood pressure along with CT Scans to monitor my bitchy carotid artery. It is also helpful because it confirms I do have a brain. Sometimes that is questionable. I have worked hard to honor this vessel that has been left in my care. For the first time in three years, my blood work is perfection. My weight and BMI are in the healthy range since I lost an additional eleven pounds since my last visit. I feel settled and peaceful.

I am aging like fine wine…..a really good boxed wine, that is.