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I decided that since I read so much, I might as well tell my followers about the books that I am currently indulging in. After all, avid literary addicts need their next fix, and I am all about helping fellow readers out.

I stumbled upon Hailey Shore by accident. She drew me in with her addicting blurbs and her adorable covers. You see, I am one that judges a book by its cover and its title. If you wrote Big Daddy’s Surprise Baby, I will pass simply because of your lack of imagination. Your story could be amazing, but the lack of creativity with the first steps of creating a book will deter me from finding out if you have talent or not. I digress as usual. Too many tabs open in my brain.

Never Forever is a spunky story centered around Carrie and Matt. These two are circling back around to each other after Matt broke Carrie’s heart a decade ago. I love a good second chance story, and Hailey really grabs the reader from the beginning. There is lots of banter and humor with sprinkles of angst.

Matt is everywhere slowly creeping under her skin. It doesn’t seem to matter that they are at odds when their chemistry is as explosive as ever. It isn’t until she learns that he kept a secret from her all of these years that resulted in him breaking her heart that everything starts to make sense. Is this a second chance at love or simply gaining closure? Where they really meant to be?

Hailey develops this story with grace and ease. It is layered with fun, but also she writes in a way that you feel you have made a community of new friends. The humor comes through effortlessly, but so do the tears. It is such a gift when a writer can successfully evoke a range of emotions from their readers.

Check out all of Hailey Shore’s books! This is book eight of the Calico Cove series. You will be thanking me for the discovery. Just call me a modern day Ponce de Leon.