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Happy Monday everyone! I hope this finds you well. Just a couple of notes of interest to keep you in the loop of what I am creating.

First, check out The Turning Point on Kindle Vella. This is a romantic comedy centering around Lainey and Myles. If you have read my previous books, My Turn and Her Turn, you will recognize some of the characters you fell in love with and new characters to relate to. There are 15 live episodes, so check them out. Give a thumbs up if you like it and share with your friends. Also, be sure to support other authors in this venture. It’s a fun way to find new talent as well.

Second, I am going to start putting book reviews on my Facebook (Featured Writing by Allison Jones) page along with my website. I love reading and supporting other writers, especially Indie writers. If you have a book that you love and want to recommend, feel free to email me. My address is [email protected]. I’m always looking for the next great read.

Thank you all for your unwavering support!

Hope your week is filled with caffeine sprinkled with some sass. Make the week your bitch!



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