Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is full of curve balls.  Throwing off even the most balanced person.   In the process of being thrown off kilter, I am conscious that curve balls provide an opportunity to live and learn.   Not easy by any means.   Yesterday, I was delivered some unexpected news that will change the course of many people’s lives.   I had a variety of reactions.  First, it saddened me because this news signifies the closing of a chapter and then, I became fearful.    Fearful of the unknown.  Isn’t that what life is a series of unknown events?

Today, on a brisk, sunny morning, my perspective is different.   After much prayer and reflection, I am at peace with the outcome.   There is much clarity when I allow faith to override my projecting, overacting brain.   That is not to say, in an hour, I won’t be consumed by fear, but for this moment, I am basking in peace.   Life is a roller coaster ride.  I can either white-knuckle my way through the ups and downs, or put my hands in the air screaming in delight.  Which way do you choose to live?