Square Peg ● Round Hole







My “bonus” dad has passed and my vision is that he and my father are sharing a nice bourbon while trading stories about my mom and me.  It makes me laugh and brings me comfort.   Death isn’t funny, but I can find the humor in it.  Bailey, who has Down Syndrome, is saddened at the lose of Elliott aka “bonus dad”.  Elliott treated us as blood and was especially kind to Bailey.   Bailey’s reaction was a stream of tears, but then he perked up asking when Mawmaw would find a new husband.  I laughed until I cried.  It is those moments I cherish because death is serious.  It can literally causes me to walk in a fog.  

My “bonus” dad always loved hearing stories about my dad.  They were great friends, so it was fun to hear of their adventures as well.  How lucky am I to have a “bonus” dad that not only knew my dad, but loved him.   He never tried to replace him, he just wanted to be apart of our lives.   I remember when he was in CCU and I was holding his hand.  The two things he said to me were:   Always make sure Bailey is taken care of and do you think I could work a Kindle Fire?    I chuckled and squeezed his hand.   Laughter even in death soothes the most heart-wrenching grief.