Square Peg ● Round Hole







Most people set a list of resolutions for the new year.  They are giddy in anticipation of all the positive changes they will make.  For me, resolutions are a listed of unrealistic expectations.   We are set up for failure before we even begin.   Now, I know that there are those select few that can actually stick to some, most or all of their lists, but let’s be honest, that is the minority.   For me, I am setting a list of intentions.   My first intention was to set up a blog, which I have accomplished.   The next will be to write daily posts.  Now, I have several intentions, but they are flexible and realistic.   

Why, as a society, do we consciously make these crazy list of resolutions only to have failed within a week or so of making them?   I don’t have the answer, but I did make a pledge of not doing that this year.    So 2014, will be a year of lessons, opportunities, hardships, blessings, miracles, and so forth.   It is life.   It is life on life’s terms.   I intend to make the best of it and embrace what 2014 has to offer.    Each day is an opportunity to do it different.  Take it day by day and be present to receive all the good that life can bring.