Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, my New Year’s Eve was interesting to say the least.   As I have entered the club of caretaking elderly relatives, I was met with the challenge of my step-father having emergency surgery on the most festive night of the year.   I sat alone in the waiting room of the hospital reflecting on how life changes in an instant.  My step siblings and my sister all live out of town, so I am the primary caretaker for him and my mother.  Both eighty-two years old, they have challenged me to no end, but I love them dearly.  

My group of friends are supportive and loving, so it wasn’t a surprise when one just appeared.  I know that God is seen through others, and this was no exception.  Talking and laughing passed the time quickly and I came face to face with the surgeon.    My step-father, who is a retired colonel, survived the surgery in heroic fashion, but his chances are not great.   All we can do is wait.

As I ponder the year ahead, I am aware that as long as I walk in faith and not fear, peace will be my teacher.  Prayers for him on this first day of a new chapter.