Square Peg ● Round Hole







It has been scientifically proven that the human touch is necessary for development in terms of relationships.   Yesterday, as I visited my step-father in the ICU, I became very aware of the impact a simple hand holding gesture can have.   As my step-sister and I approached his bed, his teary eyes meet us.   Our holding of his hands, rubbing his arms and kissing his cheeks, slowed his heart rate, lowered his blood pressure, and made him smile.  

I truly believe that the human touch has healing qualities.  It is a language without words.   Yesterday, moved me to remember that to better any situation, sometimes all one needs is to be comforted by a simple gesture.   It reminded me of how important our relationships are with other people and what a loving act it is to simply offer that form of reassurance in a hug, hand holding, or a simply loving pat on the shoulder.   What beautiful reminder for the first part of a new year.