Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is full of challenges.  Each day presents its own unique opportunities for us to learn and grow, but what I am becoming aware of is the shift.   When I shift my perception of any given situation, I begin to see the miracles.

Elliott is my “bonus” father.  A creative term shared with me from a friend to replace the word “step”.  Elliott is dying.  It will be a matter of time before he takes his last breath and transitions to a beautiful world where he is healthy once again.   Instead of the painful sadness that comes from watching someone you love die, I am overcome with peace and love.  Of course, I am sad.  It is difficult to watch his children with their various levels of grief.  Some carrying guilt while others carry other burdens. 

The same holds true when Bailey was born.   Being told I was having a child with Down syndrome was presented as if I had cancer. While Bailey’s happiness can be infectious, it is nothing like the torments of cancer. True, the unknown is, well, the unknown.  It can be scary.  Truth be told, I prefer to not have a crystal ball, but instead have the faith that all is planned in my highest good.   Traveling on the road of faith today.