Square Peg ● Round Hole







In typical Louisville, Kentucky fashion, the media has exploited an upcoming “snow storm”.  Now, let me be clear,  it does indeed appear like we will at least get the artic cold that could break records, but in this town, a snow flake is equal to the apocolypse.   I think many of us that were around during 1994 might suffer from traumatic snow disorder.   We were told that a light dusting was expected and we ended up with over a foot of snow.  People panicked, their were power outages, stores were left depleted, and those of us that experienced that have never recovered.   We joke when the forecast comes on or the newscasters keep reporting breaking news over snow that never appears, schools close over a dusting, and stores lacking the basics because of our over preparation.  

I think back to the good old days, long before my time,  when there was only radio to connect with and if the weather changed or the situation was dire, people coped.  They worked together as a community to help one another.  Unfortunately, in many ways, that is what separates us from then to now.   We might be more advanced in many ways, but we are backwards in the people department.   Sad, but true.   Keep safe, keep warm, and seek counseling for your traumatic snow disorder.