Square Peg ● Round Hole







Brian’s grandmother suffer from Alzeihmer’s and it has been a long road for my mother-in-law and her sisters.    The interesting observation is while she doesn’t know a lot of her family, she recognizes Bailey.  I have always said that individuals with Down Syndrome are spiritual beings.  They have this sense of love and compassion, so it didn’t surprise me when he went to visit her, she beamed.   After his visit, she still talked about it and smiled upon reflection.

Alzeihmer’s is a hideous disease that robs our loved ones of the most precious things, their memories.    It isolates them and surrounds them in a blanket of fear, but if one moment with a special young man enables her to see warmth and light, then all is not lost.  Today, we will visit her.   Although she may not recognize Brian or myself, I know that her face will soften and a light will twinkle in her eye because that is the gift that Bailey can offer.