Square Peg ● Round Hole







Okay, so maybe this particular blog may seem like a rant.  Well, it is.   It is my duty as a writer, to express my thoughts.  These are the thoughts that everyone is thinking, but doesn’t have the courage to share.    My rant today is about drivers.  Please read with a sarcastic tone in mind.

1. Turn Signals:  I believe the car makers should use turn signals as one of those things you might add as an additional amenity.  After all, no one really uses them, so why waste the money installing them.   Cutting people off while changing lanes is definitely enough notification.  A blinking light surely doesn’t assist in the process. 

2. Blaring Music:  I am happy that the drivers around me are enjoying their music, however, I don’t want to hear it.  Especially, to the guy that was next to me last night.  The commercial on the radio about laser hair removal reached the masses at the stop light.  Thank you for that PSA. 

3. Stop Signs:  Apparently, most people feel stop signs are optional.  I don’t recall the sign ever saying “STOP, only if you feel like it” or “STOP, if you want to avoid an accident”.   Unless, you are blind (which you might not want to be driving anyway) or can’t read, put your foot on the pedal called BRAKE and STOP. 

4. Speed Limits:  The signs with numbers on them indicate the speed for which a driver should be driving.  If it says 35 then at least go 35.  Not 25, 20 or 15.  Is your speedometer broken?  That would be the only excuse.  Or possibly, the excuse above in the STOP sign section.   In any case, that is annoying.

5.  Age:  I am not trying to say that the elderly shouldn’t drive, but if you are unable to seem above the wheel or your reflexes are slow, you may consider other alternatives to driving.  Yes, I understand that eventually I will fit in this category, but for today, I don’t.

6. Bumper Stickers:  Yes, we live in a country of free speech, but honestly, I don’t want to see your bumper sticker about who you supported as president in 2005.  Honestly, the country has moved on and so should your bumper stickers.

7.  Fuzzy Dice:  The 50s called and they want their dice back.  Enough said.

8. Personal Habits:  At a stop light, I prefer not to see other drivers, picking their nose, plucking hairs out of their chins, doing their makeup, or any other thing you might do in your bathroom.  

9.  Traffic Light:  The light has turned green, but many drivers are unaware as they are playing Candy Crush or checking their messages.   Green means go.  Red means stop.  These are very simple challenges that many drivers are unable to grasp.   A traffic light only last for a few short minutes.  This isn’t a rest stop.

10. Courtesy:  When at a four way stop sign, allow the other drivers to proceed even if you were there first.  Chances are they will anyway because today they thought stopping was optional.  (Refer back to number 3).

And there you go, a few helpful tips to make all of our driving experiences more pleasant.    Pretty sure that this will not make an impact, but I hope it will make you laugh, pause to think, and then laugh again.