Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is troubling to me the amount of complaining and negativity that oozes out onto the social media platform.  Swarming around me are the sick, elderly, dying, and individuals in total despair because of circumstances beyond their control.    I am baffled at the amount of acidic words the ooze onto the public by individuals whose life is everything most people dream of and more.   Maybe I am in a place of judgment. No, I AM in a place of judgment as I go to yet another visitation due to a death of a family member or pray for the friend of Bailey’s with Down Syndrome, who is fighting for her life.  What about the unknown individuals who struggle daily just to survive?  Those are the ones who should be complaining, yet, those are the people that I learn from the most.  They are the ones who turn their situation into a positive example.  

It is easy for all us to fall into a pattern of negativity, but look around and find the good.   Actually, everything around us is good IF we look for it.    I find that those people who are chronic complainers, even about the slightest things including the weather, have a difficult time finding the positive.   God doesn’t make mistakes.  So, when I am feeling less than positive, I look to the good in my life because there is plenty of it in and around me.     What can you find good today to share with those around you?