Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, Bailey starts a vocational school this summer after he graduates from high school.  Since he isn’t going off to college like a typical high school senior, I thought it would be fun to transform his room into a “dorm” room.     After all, who wouldn’t love that, right?  Wrong.   We came into some furniture after my “bonus” dad’s passing.   A new desk, day bed, and some lamps were all available.   I was tickled with the notion and mentioned it to him.    My expectations of his excitement were not met, to say the least.   His response was that he wasn’t ready for a change.  Wow!   I was kind of taken back by his response, but oddly, proud.  How wonderful that he can use his words to express his needs and wants.   He wasn’t ready for a change.    That about sums up my thoughts over the transitions of both of my boys.

Even though Bailey isn’t ready now, he will be one day.    For me, well, it is ready or not, the change is here.   Change isn’t always comfortable nor am I always ready, but my experience has been that change brings about new opportunities and blessings.   The change also brings about menopause, but that is a different blog subject.