Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have never liked riding on rollercoaster.    Suffering from motion sickness, the twists, turns, ups and downs, hardly make me scream in joy.  Instead, I get off the ride and feel nauseous and dizzy.    Needless to say I avoid those whenever I have the opportunity.  However, life is a rollercoaster.   Currently, I am dealing with some opportunities to ride life’s rollercoaster.  The only problem is that it doesn’t stop.

A very, wise women once told me, that those situations and/or people that challenge me are my teachers.   When I say challenge that means “drive me up the wall until I am completely insane”.   Today, I am being taught by a very worthy opponent.  These lessons involve acceptance, tolerance, patience and compassion.    Four words that are easy to say, but hard to do in a consistent manner.   The reason I say that those words are difficult is simply because the person that I am dealing makes them seem like an impossible hurdle. 

It is a one day at a time journey for me.    Sometimes it is a minute at a time.  If I am willing then I can learn.     So, for today, I will continue to ride the rollercoaster and hope I don’t toss my cookies along the way.