Square Peg ● Round Hole







Maybe it is because I write a column about homes and their décor.  Maybe it is because I am in the midst of a bathroom remodel.  Better yet, maybe it is because of both of those things that I am invested in my home.  When I started writing my column, I didn’t have the first clue about interior design.  I didn’t know there were so many choices for counters, floors and don’t get me started on backsplashes.    I did, however, have a masters in writing, so I am pretty sure that is how I got hired.   So, imagine the difficulty I had writing about something I knew nothing about and sounding like I did.   Fast forward, six years and I am now invested.   The transformation in my own home has been subtle and are dependent on our finances.  It is has been a slow, peeling of the onion to reveal the comfort that I knew was always there.

I am fortunate to see many homes vastly different in their décor and amenities.   Amazingly enough I can leave each of those places and love my home even more.   Each home gives me ideas of what I like and don’t like.  A home is an evolution of the homeowner’s personality.  Bold colors, comfortable fabrics, elegant lighting are all used to paint a picture of the people that live there.   My home is ever evolving.  A project that is never complete.  However, through this journey of home visits, I wouldn’t want to trade spaces.   My home is represented by not things, but the people that reside here.