Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, while dealing with my aging mother, I need to find the humor in all of it.  My mother is the queen of worry.  I am convinced that her worry actually speeds up her metabolism which explains why she is so skinny.  It also explains her needs to take on everyone’s stuff.  The repairman who shares his story or the neighborhood’s thoughts on adding speed bumps paired with stop signs.  Her theory is speed bumps are ridiculous as the neighborhood is essentially one big circle.   My theory is it would hinder her heavy-footed driving.  

My mother has Macular Degeneration which was diagnosed in the early 90s.   She has done well and there have been no changes until recently.     Her left eye has lost 80 percent of the vision, but her right eye is perfect.  However, after being told by the doctor that she may never lose anymore vision, she decided to research Braille.   You see not only is my mother the queen of worrying, she is the queen of being prepared, she is also the queen of hearing what she wants.   My mother only heard the words “lose vision”.    

She lives her life by a multitude of what ifs and she questions me wondering why I am not the same way.  Well, I use to think that if someone changed or did things my way, I would be okay.     I realize that it is not the surroundings that need to change, it is me.   My mother is 82.  She isn’t going to change.     So, I entertain her what ifs with completely crazy situations which make her laugh and, for a brief moment,  she doesn’t worry.