Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have to admit that I am a morning person.  Yes, I am the annoying one with a big, fat smile on my face eager to greet the day.  It has been one of those freak happenings where I can rise before the alarm even goes off and function without immediate caffeine consumption.    Yep, I am THAT person.

I remember going to a 5:30 am bootcamp with a host of women where most were morning people or they did a great job of pretending.  It would seem if you are doing burpees and pushups that early, you would need to be somewhat conscience.  For me, I enjoy the solitude of the early morning.   The house slowly waking up, coffee brewing, and a sense of gratitude for being able to greet another day.  Sometimes my best conversations with God come when I am laying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off.  (Yes, I said waiting and, just for your information, I am not familiar with a snooze button.)   It is those moments of quite reflection that set the tone for the day.   Maybe I am a “freak of nature”, but I wouldn’t trade my mornings for anything.  They provide me with a grand entrance into the day.