Square Peg ● Round Hole







I hear so often people talking about how bad fear is and how fear can hinder ones progress.  For me, fear is a motivator.   Let’s spin this. I like to think of  FEAR as  (Finding Each Answer Ridiculous).  You see, when fear rears its overzealous head, each scenario in my head is laughable. Fear has an imagination that is full of unrealistic situations.   If it weren’t for fear, I wouldn’t be a writer.  I wouldn’t have a column that allows me to do what I love. When I was approached for the job seven years ago, I was amused that I was being considered.  Then I got scared.  The shit got real, so to speak.  It isn’t really about fear versus faith, it is about finding the motivator to stop making excuses.   A blend of faith and fear is healthy.  It keeps things in perspective, and for me, entertaining.   Yes, there are those who insist faith dominates their life and they are invested in a faith-filled outcome, but who are we kidding?   Nobody, well, maybe God, can power through life based on faith.  There are always those moments of self-doubt, but it is with fear that I have the awareness that it is usually something I need to try or a situation that will work out better in the long run.    Ones life purpose doesn’t come without obstacles.  If it were easy, everyone would skip through life without a full understanding of how the choices we make pave our path.  Living life in fear isn’t living, but using fear for a tool to self discovery, that’s fulfilling.