Square Peg ● Round Hole







Dear Blog,

I am deeply sorry for neglecting you.  Life took a hold of me in a death grip that kidnapped me from my commitment of using your blank canvas as an expression of myself.     There are not any excuses good enough to share, but do know that I am back.  Fully engaged in vomiting many words that will either humor, inspire, or depress my readers.   That my blog friend is what a writer does.  At least, that is what I hope.    An emotion. A reaction. Words that make one ponder.  These are what I had hoped to accomplish.  So, while you have sat here empty, alone, and probably annoyed, I have often thought of you.  Hoping you aren’t too angry with me to allow me back into to your good graces.  It may take time for you to trust me once again, but I am open to the challenge.   

Deepest Regards,

A Lazy Writer