Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have learned that what people say behind my back is none of my business.  That struck me as very odd when I first heard that, as they are talking about ME, so, of course, it is my business.    This morning, I started off with finding out information that was said about me by a third party.    The information robbed me of my serenity.  That is very powerful that words said about me by a third party would rip away at my peace.    What prompted the discussion is a boundary I set with this third party person.   Boundaries are a hard line to draw.   They are uncomfortable to make, but are necessary in achieving healthy relationships.  So, this particular person took my boundary and imagined they had a reason to shoot back.   My boundary was uncomfortable for them.    Unfortunately, this person is my constant boundary tool tester.  She does not like my boundaries and probably never will, but I need to keep setting them for my own sanity.

Will I confront her on this information?  No, because she didn’t say it to me and it isn’t my business what she says to anyone else about me.   Hard pill to swallow as I would like to set the record straight, but it won’t make a difference.  I just need to keep on my path and know that the focus on me allows this person to not focus on themselves.   It is a simple reflection of themselves.   So, I will restart my Monday morning with a deep breath in and a substantial exhale.