Square Peg ● Round Hole







I often compare life to a costume ball.  Everyone is masked.  They camouflage what is inside by exaggerating their outer being.   For years, I participated in this costume ball.    Saying the right things, doing whatever I could to fit in, and selling myself short.  The reality is those relationships weren’t authentic and neither was I.   My reality is different today.

I find social media to be a huge part of the costume ball.  The use for me is to share an amusing detail of my day, an occasional inspirational quote that speaks to me, or an issue that has shaken me to the core.  I use it to educate and to find comfort.   It is a feeling that I am not alone.    There are others that are frequent “uppers”.   They use the forum to promote their agenda or to share how great their life is which, in essence, is part of the dance.  Not one single person’s life is perfect. We are all jostled around like rag dolls on this ride called life.   It is those that are real and raw who draw me in the most.  These are the people living in their moment. These are the individuals putting their words into action.

My inner circle are those who have long ago put their costumes away.  They don’t hide behind a perfect illusion, instead they amuse themselves by their frequent slip-ups.   They are trustworthy, loyal, and aren’t afraid to admit when life isn’t so grand. Anyone can say their life is amazing, but when you see their words come alive, you will know they have long hung up their costume.