Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have spent years participating in other people’s agendas only to realize that my use is short lived.  Sadly, since my people pleasing skills are quite sharp, I have wallowed in the pool of disappointment when dealing with these relationships.   Recently, in fact, the last few days have given me cause to pause, gather more information, and respond in a loving manner. I have had the opportunity to reclaim ownership of what is acceptable behavior in a relationship.   I value myself too much that I am no longer willing to have someone only be kind or respectful to me because they are looking for payback.   The reality is people are generally not bad, but if I am not looking out for me, who is?   

I am not responsible for anyone’s reaction to my ability to simply say NO.   This time around there wasn’t even a tug of my justifying their actions or finding a way to make it more comfortable for them.  In fact, my inner being was peaceful in the response.   I am worth too much to be subject to seasonal relationships that is lopsided at best.    

So, I crossed the border into being respectful to the relationship that I value the most….myself.    I don’t have time to be a monkey in anyone else’s circus.   Truth be told, I have never even liked the circus.