Square Peg ● Round Hole







After a long day of emotional upheaval, today I exhale.    Yesterday, when my Down Syndrome son, Bailey, was excluded from his school’s memory book, I had bucket full of emotions.  Late last night, a blanket of peace covered me and I was able to pause, reflect, and pray for a positive outcome after I had taken the appropriate steps to be heard.  I had faith that something good would come out of a very sad situation.

The human response is complicated.   While I am very reactionary, I have learned that once I gather more information, it allows me the freedom to have an informed reaction.   Today, I am grateful for the support I received yesterday.   In the end, Bailey and his special needs friends will be featured in the memory book.  This far exceeded my expectations as the goal really was to educate and hopefully, keep this from happening to others.    It all works out in the end as long as I get out of the way.