Square Peg ● Round Hole







Ah, it’s Friday.  Time to exhale and regroup only to start the process again on Monday.    As a freelance writer, I am blessed to be flexible with my work schedule.  I still adhere to the demands of a deadline from the newspaper I work for and the occasional tussle with my editor, but all in all this is a dream job.    Recently, our website had changed and I noticed that a social media button was no longer available.  Since the column is an every week feature, I have been marketing it through any means possible.   So, I questioned the omission only to be told that it wasn’t really important.   That answer didn’t sit well with me, but since I don’t want to rock the boat on my amazing job situation, I complied.   For the last few weeks, I have sat with the feeling that this answer of “no” could really be my answer of “yes”.   In essence, it is about finding a solution that works for me without ruffling any feathers.  

For me, when I am searching for a solution, I need to pause and be silent.  Sometimes that answer comes quickly, other times slowly.   This morning I sat done with my phone to research a possible solution that came to me while I was loading the dishwasher.  (If you were waiting for my burning bush moment, that was it.)   After a few minutes of research and a couple of clicks, I solved my own problem.  I literally turned someone’s NO into my YES!!!!     I respect when others tell me no.  Afterall, it is a complete sentence.  I don’t need a reason or justification.  In this instance, I realized that this situation wasn’t high on the priority chain and that is okay.   Sometimes, it takes someone else’s no to realize that I am the source for the solution.     It reminds me to be more mindful of the power within me.