Square Peg ● Round Hole







Chocolate is a stationary upper.   It is the source of happiness that leaves me in a state of euphoria.  So, when I hear that life is like a box of chocolates, I chuckle.  You see, my Dad would get us those boxes of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  Since I didn’t know what was inside each chocolate, I would insert by finger to see.  The act in itself was annoying to my whole family as it left the uneaten candy violated and unappetizing.   So, if life is a box of chocolates, my thinking is about gathering more information.   By seeing what the candy had to offer, I was able to figure out which candy was right for me.  

Much is same in my decision making process today.   It has taken me years to realize that impulsive decisions based on emotion never worked out for me.   Then I would berate myself for being so reactionary.   For me, sometimes the decision making process is uncomfortable.    The flip side is worrying about how other people will react to my decision.   It always reminds me of getting the nasty, cherry filled chocolate before I figured out my candy technique.

Today, it is all about the three Rs……Research, Reflect and Reveal.  I research my options and gather more information.  Then I reflect which usually involves prayer and meditation.  The last step is revealing my decision.   Sometimes it isn’t popular, but I am not responsible for anyone else’s reactions.  In the end, my decision is what is best for me.  

Even though I am more proficient in my decision making skills, I still check candy the same even if there is a diagram.   It’s my quirk, but it works for me.