Square Peg ● Round Hole







Often, I have never known what direction my life is taking me.    When I went away to college, I opted for a major in nursing only to find out I disliked sick people and flunking anatomy and physiology didn’t make a great candidate for the field.  Then I went into advertising.  I was fascinated by the process of drawing in the consumer with a small window of time.   When I finally completed my degree, I was in corporate communications.  I never felt quite fulfilled.     

Writing had always been something I enjoyed, but I never thought I could ever make a living doing it.  My mother was the one who encouraged me to take this route.  So, I went to graduate school to gain a Masters in Fine Arts and Writing.   I remember feeling a little inadequate as they great writers have been pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft, while I decided to pursue this because I could not think of anything better to do.     Then I held my masters in my hand and I pondered the next step.  What will I do with this?

This amazing writing job fell into my lap seven years ago.   Freelance writers usually struggle to find steady work, so the fact that I have a weekly column is a huge blessing.    I guess my point is that under all the layers of me, I am and have always been a writer.  It just took some time to reveal that part of me. I suppose I never thought I was very good.  In fact, when I got hired to write my column, I almost turned it down, simply because I didn’t feel worthy.   Sometimes it is all about following a path that isn’t clear.   Being unsure rather than sure.     My path is still unfolding.