Square Peg ● Round Hole







Let’s chat about expectations.   My oldest son, Bailey, as I have written about in past blogs, has Down Syndrome.   He recently started attending his vocational school as apart of his training for job placement.   Bailey has been eager, to say the least, to jump on the adult bandwagon.  His expectations of being an adult are high, however, he is beginning to understand that it is not all rainbows and butterflies.   Yesterday, he couldn’t go to an annual event that entailed swimming, pizza, and hanging out with his friends.  It was baffling to him that his vocational training could override fun.   Welcome to being an adult.   

Don’t get me wrong, being an adult has its perks, but responsibilities take precedence.   While that is such a drag sometimes, there are a lot of pros.  For instance, no one has to tell me to go to bed because I am so exhausted I am usually asleep before 9 pm.   I can put myself in an adult “time out” that usually involves a glass of wine.  When I go to the store, I don’t have to beg anyone for a certain box of cereal or snack since I am the one buying it.  The list goes on, however, the freedoms of being a child are not lost on me.

As the childhood of my boys quickly evaporates before my eyes, I am always reminding them of the importance of having fun.  Remembering not to take life too seriously and to capture every moment like a lightning bug.  While Bailey is not amused at missing out or learning how to budget his money, I am sure he will grow more appreciative of those fun outings.  After all, he is my best teacher when it comes to embracing the moment.