Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was intrigued when I saw an entry addressing typical siblings of special needs kids. It sent a message that I strive to express to my youngest, Bryce. As a parent, there is no way we can keep it even or remotely fair, but we try….hard. In the situation with a special needs child, all the attention leans toward them, so then sometimes we are forced to overcompensate for the other child. It is a double-edged sword.

People are drawn to Bailey. He has an easy-going charm and loving nature. Being the youngest would normally generate more attention, but for Bryce it hasn’t. Until recently, Bryce has flowed with it, but now he has become more vocal. Maybe it’s the hormones or maybe he simply is feeling like he can’t measure up. In either case, I simply affirm his feelings as uncomfortable as they make me.

As any parent, I want each child of mine to know their worth. They both bring a variety of gifts to the table, but I feel like being a sibling of Bailey, Bryce has an advantage over his peers. He is full of compassion, empathy, and won’t tolerate anything less from those around him. He is the best of everything that I ever hoped to be. While being a sibling is a challenge, his relationship with his brother is solid. I encourage him to have whatever relationship he chooses. Yes, right now, he struggles with everything surrounding Bailey, but Bryce is able to vocalize those feelings with honesty. In the end, they will find the relationship that works for them.