Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is a common problem we all have faced.   Dealing with individuals with whom we need to detach from in order to preserve our sanity.    Recently, I have detached (with love or maybe more similar to like) from individuals who I have found not to be trustworthy.   It is complicated indeed, to make that decision, but in my world, it is them or me.

In my experience, detachment can bring up an array of feelings.   I tend to feel uncomfortable, especially, if it is a valuable relationship.  What I have learned is that I have to take care of myself.  My comparison is that I always have my life preserver.  In case of drowning, you can’t save the other person.  They will drag you down while trying to save themselves.   My detachment life jacket allows me to break away and allow them to follow their path whether I agree with it or not.  It also provides me with growth tools assuring me that I no longer need to accept unacceptable behavior.  

In my relationships, it is vital that I feel safe.   If security and trust aren’t in the mix, then it is time to put on my life jacket and swim away.  I believe that I am worthy of relationships that fill me up, not leave me empty.   Grateful today for the tools to conduct my relationships differently.