Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am not one who drives around with an “I love Jesus” sticker on my car. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I tend to be tight lipped regarding religion and politics as they arm individuals with heated ammunition. Rather, I appreciate God in my own way with daily meditation and prayer expressing my gratitude for everything, including the challenges, in my life.

Since I am a huge control freak, letting go of things that are fearful to me is difficult, but a situation arose that I really felt at ease letting go of the outcome. Even though it was in relation to my youngest son, I am in complete trust of the individuals that God has placed in our path. The feeling is quite unnatural and sometimes I feel like I am not doing my part…worrying.

Now, please be advised, that this is not a typical occurrence and relinquishing control can stop at any moment. However, I am aware of the peace and serenity I feel when I let God take the reigns. Let’s be honest, any amount of worrying will not change the outcome. All is really does is rob me of the present moment and my peace of mind. So, while I am still walking through this situation with Bryce and gathering more information, I am mindful of God’s plan. He’s got this and the only thing I need to do is show up.