Square Peg ● Round Hole







It took me years to understand that I didn’t have to do anything alone. Reaching out for help made me feel weak and incapable. So, I plowed through every situation without a lot of grace or dignity, but I got it done…..myself. If I did ask for help, then I felt guilty. I was mentally keeping score, so that I wouldn’t fall behind on “owing” someone. The old adage, it takes a village, is so true. Just living life day to day requires assistance.

Once I figured out that it is the weak who don’t ask for help, I ventured out of my comfort zone to seek that “village”. I found that people are eager to help with no strings attached. That amazed me because I always felt like there was a contingency on someone lending a hand. What a found is compassion, helpfulness, and most of all the village.

Asking for what you need can create a sense of unworthiness in all of us, but by being willing to ask and receive, the village will take care of the rest.