Square Peg ● Round Hole







My husband even comments that I am a low maintenance gal.   The happiness within is not dependent on material things.  He is humored by the fact that I am giddy when the lawn people come to do our yard or when the guy I hired to scoop the dog’s poop comes to clear the debris.  The reality is that I am thrilled that I am extra time in my day not to have to complete those tasks.  It allows me more of the day spent with my family, writing, having fun with friends,or just being.    It really doesn’t take much for me.    

There are many who are powered by the latest and greatest designer purse or clothing, but I am simple.   While the occasional material purchase is fun, it doesn’t drive me.   My truth is relationships and the time invested.   The circle of people I surround myself with fill me up.   Time is what I crave.  More of it actually.   As I watch my children begin to spread their wings, I am grateful for every moment allotted to me.  Material things come and go, but it is the moments and memories that will last a lifetime.   It really is the little things.