Square Peg ● Round Hole







While I was driving to an appointment, I had put the address in my phone’s GPS. Driving along, it told me to take a right. As the car maneuvered down a gravel road, it occurred to me that this path may not be the right one. With nothing but trees surrounding me, I turned the car around and called my destination. It appeared my GPS had led me in the wrong direction.

Isn’t it funny that we will trust our GPS without question, but when it comes to our faith, we can’t? I often find myself in a conundrum about allowing life to unfold on its terms. Imagining that if I white-knuckle my way through a situation, it will miraculously determine a different outcome. Somehow, I am not that powerful.

What I have learned is sometimes in order to stay on the right course, I need to be wiling to ask for help, let go of the outcome, and trust that while I can’t see the destination, every situation will work out exactly as planned. It is all about trusting our inner voice.